Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gun Control Flaws 2.0, "What does it hurt? Plenty!"

Gun control advocates not only ignore the fact that their measures have never worked anywhere they've been tried, but they also ignore the negative effects that gun control laws have on law-abiding citizens. They justify the infringement on the rights of regular citizens by claiming that we "shouldn't have a problem with reasonable regulations," and "what does it hurt?"

The answer is: They aren't reasonable and it hurts plenty.

Consider one of the staple "safety measures" of the gun control crowd, waiting periods. They suggest that it helps eliminate "crimes of passion" where someone in a relationship gone wrong is driven to violence, goes down to the gun store, walks out with a gun, and goes to commit a murder or murder-suicide. The problem with this scenario is that it really doesn't happen often enough to be concerned with, if it even happens at all. The average "time to crime" between when a handgun is purchased from a dealer and the commission of a violent crime is years on average.

A common reason to need a firearm immediately is self-defense. If someone has an immediate need for a firearm to protect themselves, a five, ten, or 15 day waiting period can mean the difference between their life and death. While there are "time to crime" studies, there aren't any particular statistics of people that would have bought a firearm but couldn't, and died as a result. However, just because there aren't statistics doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

There are, however, plenty of examples and evidence of people that were able to defend themselves because they had a gun.

Some of these examples and statistics are people that had recently acquired a firearm because their situation demanded the need - does it worth making some of them go defenseless through a "waiting period" in a feeble attempt to prevent the very rare "crime of passion" that a waiting period may deter?

More examples soon in "Gun control Laws 2.3, 'What does it hurt? Plenty!'"


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