Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm having a hell of a time writing a good introductory post to this Blog.

I've considered publishing a Blog about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms for quite a while now, but thought "yeah, just what the world needs, another 'Gun Blog.'"

What do I have to share that someone else hasn't shared already?

Stick around and see...

Some introductory notes (at least):
I picked this design because it's close to the two blogs I follow the most, David Codrea's "War on Guns," and Mike Vanderboegh's "Sipsey Street Irregulars."

I encourage ANY discussion of the issues I post about, but reserve the right to delete any vulgarities or insulting comments.

I engage in arguments and discussions mostly with anti-rights people who disagree with the free exercise of the RKBA, and will likely be posting those discussions here - I invite comments critiquing these discussions.

'Nuff said for starters.